What do professionals say about Lamberg Seminars?

“Thanks for a great weekend.  First for your ability to teach and share your knowledge.  Your passion and commitment is a lighthouse guiding others to reach their potential.  Second for your friendship and spending your time with us.  My staff and I had a wonderful time.”

John Durango DDS


“Steve’s command of the material is outstanding.  His humble and engaging demeanor creates an environment that lends itself to learning.  Steve is a consummate, passionate, educator.  Thanks Steve for sharing your passion and expertise with us.”

Sam Guarnieri DDS


“Congratulations on a wonderful article in DSP on your Lamberg Questionnaire.   I like your term “Integral Sleep Medicine”.  Also congratulations on positioning yourself as one of the leaders in education in Dental Sleep Medicine.   Our Academy is proud of your contributions and value your membership greatly.  I will appreciate getting copies of your “LQ” and I know your work will be of great value to those in DSM who are willing to seek out outstanding continuing education. I wish you continued success.  Thank you!”

Harold A. Smith, DDS, DABDSM President-Elect of AADSM


“I taught a course this weekend wishing I had your article to recommend to the group…as in “Here guys, go learn about what Steve has written here.”  The more I’ve been thinking about the value of what you’ve put together here, the more excited I’m getting.  Those of us who teach will have a tool to show attendees how important it is to be a medical provider for your patients.  By taking on the learning category by category, dental team can focus on learning about individual systems.”

Dr. Steve Carstensen Pankey Institute (Sleep Program Director) Editor in Chief of Dental Sleep Practice Magazine


“Dr. Lamberg’s Getting Started in Dental Sleep Medicine Seminar was the most thorough and complete course on the subject. The science, clinical applications, administrative and management aspects were all covered in detail. Two half-days of scientifically supported lecture, followed both days by in-office training on real cases, created a great experience for doctors and staff. Dr. Lamberg’s scientifically supported approach was similar to great dental educators like John Kois.”

Steven Acker DDS, MS at Elite Dental of Staten Island P.C., New York Mentor, Kois Center for Dental Excellence


“Dr. Lamberg’s [Level 1: Getting Started in Dental Sleep Medicine]Seminar could not have been better; it was the perfect blend of education and fun. Our administrative and clinical staff had a fantastic time and could not be more psyched to take on the challenge of implementing Dental Sleep medicine in our practice.”

Nancy Hartrick DDS at Hartrick Dentistry P.C., Michigan Instructor, Kois Center for Dental Excellence


“[Lamberg Seminar’s Level 1 Course: Getting Started in Dental Sleep Medicine] was a lot of fun and has given me a new focus. We have three patients lined up: two currently with CPAP machines and one going for a PSG. [My administrative staff is currently] working on [implementing] the insurance procedures they learned at the Seminar. This is going to be great! My staff and I are very fired up [and] I’m already planning to go out and meet with MD offices.”

Thomas Riutta DDS at Stony Brook Smiles, New York


“Lamberg Seminars is the total scientifically based Sleep Medicine experience. Teaching the dentist and the staff not just about the science of Sleep Medicine, but how to implement Oral Appliance Therapy to help save our patients lives. From the first phone call with the patient, to the examination and fit of the appliance, to the titration and followup with the patients and their physicians, this course makes the implementation [of Dental Sleep Medicine] seamless.”

Rena Vakay DDS at Centreville Dental Wellness Center and Haymarket Dental-Complete Care, Virginia


“Dr. Lamberg did a great job educating us on Sleep Apnea and [Oral Appliance Therapy]. I feel much more confident [explaining this condition] to patients and [discussing] the options they have in living a healthier life. Leslie was wonderful and did a phenomenal job explaining how to handle medical insurance. I particularly enjoyed meeting all of the attendees and being able to bounce ideas, experiences etc. off of each other. Everyone in attendance was truly awesome!  I would highly recommend [that] any [Dental Practice] interested in Sleep Apnea should attend Dr. Lamberg’s Seminars. Thanks to all for a great learning experience!!!”

Nick Sandhu Administrator at Centreville Dental Wellness Center, Virginia


“Dr. Steven Lamberg is the inventor of the LSW-S Oral Appliance for snoring and sleep apnea. Steven is a thorough practitioner with a tremendous passion for helping patients get great results with adjustable mandibular repositioning appliances for treating snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.”

Steven Miller DDS at Wellington Smiles,  Florida


“Dr. Steven Lamberg is a detail oriented, highly educated and trusted advisor in the area of sleep medicine.”

Glenn A. MacFarlane DDS at Doc Smile, New Jersey


“Dr. Lamberg’s Level 1 Sleep Course: Getting Started in Dental Sleep Medicine was excellent! There are many Continuing Education courses for Dental Sleep Medicine out there, but none quite like this. Dr. Lamberg is a very dynamic speaker who makes the subject matter entertaining and fun. The motivation and excitement surrounding those learning from him was refreshing. Dr. Lamberg, LeslieAlyssa and Nikki did such a wonderful job of ensuring everyone felt comfortable to ask questions and the in-office portion of the Seminar is priceless. I feel everyone who attended was given the tools, practical knowledge, and hands-on experience to successfully implement Dental Sleep Medicine into their practices.  “

Courtney Snow Nierman Practice ManagementSnoring Isn’t Sexy, Texas